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Since 1993, College Funding Solutions, Inc. (CFS) has been recognized as a national leader in assisting students and their parents prepare for college.  Headquartered in Salem, Oregon, CFS is headed by noted author and funding expert Coy R. Howe.

At CFS we understand the overwhelming task that high school students are facing when it comes to making that all-important transition from high school to college.  We further understand the concern parents face when it comes to paying for their student's higher education.

We use our years of hands-on experience, specifically designed software, and proven admission & funding strategies to help make the student's entire college experience much more rewarding and often-times easier on the budget.  Please note that our software programs have been developed by CFS over the years and are not available to the general public.

CFS also eases the family’s apprehension when it comes to completing and filing the necessary paperwork.  When working with CFS, there is no longer the worry of missing crucial deadlines or the fear of making costly errors on your admission and/or funding applications.

CFS assists the student and parents with the required Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and, if required, the even-more complicated CSS/Profile financial aid application.  In addition, CFS does an analysis of the family’s current financial situation and offers any suggestions that may increase the student’s eligibility for funding prior to the completion and submission of the required funding applications.

CFS has also developed and employs many funding strategies that will, in many cases, increase the amount and type of funding a student is eligible to receive.

At CFS we keep the student’s primary goal in mind – receiving the highest quality college education at the most affordable price.

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Our Company

Since 1993, College Funding Solutions, Inc. (CFS) has been recognized as a national leader in assisting students...

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