Client Feedback...

"Thank you, CFS, for helping our daughter with her college options.  Your constant efforts really helped Kristen get into the perfect college for her."

Mr. and Mrs. Turner

"Five thousand dollars per year for four years.  You guys are fantastic!  Enclosed is a copy of Alexa’s Kimberly-Clark Foundation scholarship.  You made it happen."
Mr. and Mrs. Williamson

"Our entire family is very grateful for the guidance we received from CFS.  There is no way we would have been able to complete this process without your help."

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell

"We are very pleased with the assistance we received from CFS.  Our son was able to receive an additional $5,000 scholarship, per year, from Yale University.  We can’t wait to get signed up for next year.  Thanks again for all your help."
Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson

"Thanks for helping my daughter and I make sense of the financial aid process.  After my husband died, I was overwhelmed with a great number of financial burdens.  CFS certainly relieved our college funding worries by guiding us, step by step, though the whole process."

Ms. Younker


"All the guidance and suggestions that CFS gave our family to help prepare Ann for college have proven invaluable.  With only middle-class income and two students preparing for college, we never would have dreamed of sending Ann to a private, four year college.  CFS made it possible."

Mr. and Mrs. Putskas

"Our family’s investment with CFS was the best money we have ever spent."
Dr. and Mrs. Goltry

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